Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019

This year Cadamstown N.S. have decided to participate in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. It is an opportunity to share a little joy and excitement with children who live in very difficult situations and might never have received a gift before.

If you would like to participate below is a list of items for the boxes. The closing date for collection is Friday the 25th of October to allow time for the boxes to reach the children before Christmas.

Choose some items to WASH with: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Soap (Wrapped), Hairbrush, Facecloth.

Choose some items to WRITE with: Pens/Pencils, Crayons, Erasers, Colouring Books, Paper/Copy Books, Sharpeners.

Choose some items to WEAR: Socks, Underwear, Flip Flops, Hat/Scarf, Gloves, T-shirts.

Choose some items to WOW: Sunglasses, Skipping Rop/Yo-Yo, Sweets (in date to 04/20), Musical Instrument, Photo of Yourself, Cuddly Toy, Stickers, Doll, Toy Car, Ball.

5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Shoebox Gift:

  1. Cover a shoebox in colourful paper. Wrap the lid and box separately.
  2. Choose whether your gift is for a boy or girl and the age. (2-4 Years, 5-9 Years, 10-14 Years). Stick the appropriate label on the right-hand corner of the shoebox lid.
  3. Completely fill the box, with new items, following the suggestions above.
  4. Cash, cheque or donate online. To get your box to your child it requires a donation of €4.00 per box. Donations can be done online at or use the envelope provided and place on top of gifts inside the shoebox.
  5. Close the box with an elastic band. Please do not seal with tape